Sometimes it’s better to examine oneself…

…before attacking others.

If I am not being a good friend, or living up to what I can do for others in my life, then I will not questions other’s motivations.

Am I thinking of how my actions might be injurious to others, even if I don’t mean them to be? Should I take that injury and make it right, even if others are over reacting?

Belief is reality.  If someone believes I have injured them, & something small would make it better, do I extend that gesture? Even if think I have committed no offense?

If a simple gesture from me would mean the world, & bring healing to someone I care for, then I guess the question is, what kind of person do I want to be?
Do I want to be right and justified? Even if I am right, what is that worth? What if it costs me a relationship?

Did I do everything I could? Did I open my mouth and tell the other person how I feel in a non-confrontational way?  Would a simple statement about my point of view have eliminated this problem?

Did I earn my way out of this encounter?
How important are the people in my life to me?